The 2 have the typical boss-and-worker matchmaking

The 2 have the typical boss-and-worker matchmaking

Maou try an extremely amicable and you may of use far better than Chiho, and this mislead and astonished Emi at first. The guy along with phone calls the girl ‘Chi-chan’, signifying its intimacy with each other. In the experience that have Lucifer, she gained expertise in Ente Isla along with Maou’s correct name.

Chiho have a very obvious break toward Maou, but he’s yet , to resolve her emotions even with their confession. When Maou questioned her how she considered regarding the associating which have a beneficial Demon Lord such as for example him, Chiho reported that she would become sleeping in the event the she said she didn’t brain, but she currently had ideas for him just before she realized off you to definitely fact, and would like to want to avoid preference your by herself. Maou was astonished abreast of the lady committed confession, however when the guy attempted to respond to, these people were disturbed.

Throughout the white novel, Maou reported that he does not want Chiho locate one nearer so you can your than she already is simply because he could be frightened she’ll rating hurt. He could be and additionally against a romantic condition which have Chiho because the guy cannot adult and ages, and you will Maou was frightened that in case he’s with her he will not in a position to surpass the girl criterion. Just as he know brand new flaw in his considering, his advice was basically disturbed by the their manager, Mayumi Kisaki.

Miki Shiba [ ]

His landlady, exactly who claims for the having Maou make reference to this lady since the Miki-ti. Their visibility for some reason intimidates your, along with Ashiya and you will Urushihara. She appears to have an idea of Ente Isla, because she’s got experience with Sonar additionally the Suggestion Hook. Yet not, the reason why trailing the lady understanding are nevertheless unfamiliar.

Mayumi Kisaki [ ]

Their manager during the MgRonald’s. Maou is seen getting scared off the woman from time to time, however, Kisaki looks on him as a good worker which can be capable entrust your with the responsibility of managing the brand new eatery in her absence.

Hanzo Urushihara [ ]

Lucifer is actually a dropped angel plus one of your Demon Lord’s generals. Immediately after becoming beaten by the Maou when you look at the Japan, the guy went for the that have Maou and you will Ashiya to hide him out of the police which help search magical provide with his internet sites knowledge. The guy have a tendency to uses Maou’s money unwisely for the shopping on the internet and it has caused Ashiya of a lot headaches to the family cash. Despite this, Maou will not seem to notice, managing your similar to he always had. But not there had been still exclusions, depending on how far Lucifier choose to go.

Suzuno Kamazuki [ ]

Suzuno are to start with designed to spy and assassinate the Devil Queen underneath the instructions of Chapel. Although not, which have invested go out together with entourage and ultimately being saved of the your, she understands that Sadao has stopped being the villain he was once because way of living in the world and will get a trusting ally and you can pal. She starts to matter what she got told about the Demon Queen into Ente Isla once escort Fort Wayne the she will get much more pretty sure that persona you to definitely she notices in The japanese is his real personality. Maou later on appoints the girl, Chiho, and you can Emi while the Demon Generals to displace the two have been killed inside invasion away from Ente Isla.

About 9th level of this new light unique whilst travelling with her on Ente Isla to save Emi, she requires their confession in the as to why the guy occupied Ente Isla. She says to your that because of his methods while the a person and you can Chiho, she eventually considered that this new Maou she observes for the Japan possess been their real identity right away even after their denial of things like their matter getting Emi. When you find yourself noting that the reasoning he had never spoken up from the it actually was due to the fact not one person got requested, the guy says to this lady the scenario trailing the newest intrusion; which have demons feeding into negative thinking and you will Maou’s unification of demon domain that have removed her or him, the complete demon race carry out usually faded away unless of course they discover a different source of sustenance. Whenever she elevated your human beings believed that Maou got created towards exterminating humanity, the guy solutions you to definitely this try unwanted and intention are just to end up in anxiety so that the demons you may endure and you can he’d govern both individuals and you can demons. He reveals and you will tells Suzuno which he had ordered their generals to simply eliminate individuals who resisted and you may deal with brand new give-up of them have been ready to, in the event since evidenced because of the Maou’s character in the Ente Isla, only a few used his information. The guy informs their exactly why the guy envies humans is really because of restaurants, that your humans’ importance of they ensures that they work together and not just battle and you will destroy each other eg exactly how life was at the brand new demon domain. Suzuno understands that Maou hadn’t desired to attack the fresh humans, however, had to make a choice among them otherwise his very own individuals, while a master, the possibility was low-questionable. She thinks Maou is actually a very an excellent people and you can is an effective only King, but he refutes they. He informs Suzuno that he is actually an enthusiastic idiot and caused distress to your individuals and demons the exact same. The fresh new sin the guy seems they have to help you happen is where he led many of his individuals who noticed for the your on their deaths. The brand new confession almost prospects Suzuno so you can confessing her emotions so you can Maou, however, she closes by herself on last minute regarding esteem to possess Chiho. She believes you to definitely Maou is always to share with Emi everything that he advised their, believing it might improve their dating when the Emi understood exactly how Maou it is considered concerning the war. Maou refuses and you will Suzuno regrettably understands that he is declining to complete so as a discipline to themselves getting causing the lady a whole lot distress.

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